The evolution of the company

Recognizing a niche for luxury private tours and 5-star accommodations throughout the American Southwest, Utah Luxury Tours was established as a subsidiary of Moab Luxury Coach, Incorporated.

Utah Luxury Tours then grew from providing one-day luxury tours within Salt Lake City, to later developing into two-day tours centered on the two national parks (Arches and Canyonlands) that border Moab.

Over the past eight years, Utah Luxury Tours transformed to offer our clients one- to ten-day exclusive journeys throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Circle, and of course, the Mighty Five Utah national parks, catering to guests visiting from all regions of the world.

Today, we’ve added small group tours to the mix that cater to solo travelers and traveling couples who want to get the most out of their money while experiencing the Southwest and keeping luxury a top priority along the way.

Meet the Visionaries

professional tour guide Connor Maloney - Utah Luxury Tours


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My father was an officer in the transportation Corps of the U.S. Army and as a dependent, I had a wonderful childhood filled with travel and cultural diversity. Not many people get to say that they were born in a place as world-renowned as Bordeaux, France. I have lived in three different countries in Europe: Holland, France, and Germany. In the United States: Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Colorado, California, and Utah.

The majority of my adult life revolved around the medical device sales market and specializing in cardiovascular and endovascular sales. The glamour part of that career was to be on the ground floor of the first successful coronary stent to enter the US Cardiology market, the Palmaz-Schatz stent. My career was filled with awards such as Sales Representative of the Month/Quarter, All-Star Club, Presidents Club and numerous contest awards throughout the career. For as long as I can remember I knew I was going to start and operate my own business someday and just never knew exactly which market.

The natural fit, of course, turns out to be in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Combining my extensive personal travels and award-winning customer service performance that I consistently demonstrated in the medical device sales market. My goal is to build a tour company that will set a new standard in luxury and customized tours in the southwest. Secondly, that will serve at a workplace that will be exciting for the employees to be a part of, and to give them ample opportunity to grow professionally.

Taylor Halverson - expert Utah parks tour guide


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As Minnesota native I was raised on family vacation exploring the stunning vistas of the American west. I’ve now full-heartedly embraced the unbounded and unexpected beauties of Utah and the West.

After completing PhDs in Instructional Technology and Biblical Studies, I’ve pursued a career in experience design, professional development, and entrepreneurship. I teach university level entrepreneurship courses, train professors how to teach, and I design and provide professional development experiences for executives across a range of industries. But designing and leading transformative travel experiences is a calling I cannot ignore.

I have an infectious passion for the world, its people, and history, and I help bring the world alive for travelers that is both personal and transformative. I’ve led acclaimed travel tours to incredible destinations around the world (highlights include India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Jordan, and Israel). Travelers have loved my irresistible enthusiasm, encyclopedic knowledge, spirit of adventure, and sense of fun.

Of all the places I’ve traveled and led tours to, the American West holds an alluring grandeur and mystery like nowhere else. My passion is to unfold the unmatched canvas of the West in such a way that travelers more fully discover themselves while lost in the wilds of this amazing earth.