Bret Webster Gallery

Bret Webster's works have begun to spread more and more commonly across public places and people's homes. One of his greater accomplishments was after U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait took a special liking to one of his pieces. Bret was invited to, and participated in, a six-day tour in Kuwait using his art to build bridges between cultures. His work is displayed in the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait as well as in the Rio Tinto Natural History Museum of Utah, the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia, and of course, his gallery in Park City, Utah.

Webster, raised in Kaysville, Utah, grew up taking family trips to Utah's red-rock deserts. Bret was immediately drawn to the red sand and wildlife of desert landscape. To this day, he is taken to a place of nostalgia and peace when photographing these areas. While the desert is where his heart lies, Webster also specializes in alpine and tropical imagery. Why he continues to do what he does? – "It seems purposeful that nature offers such infinite depth of beauty...enough to nourish the human spirit for a long, long time! It feels like we do a good thing when we adore if it were something we are supposed to do."

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