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As somewhat of a Renaissance Man, Daniel is passionate about many disciplines. From the active: running, hiking, cycling, skiing and golfing, to the abstract: photography, glass art, and ceramics, and the classical: history, geology, philosophy and sociology, but he is most passionate about exploring the natural world and experiencing new adventures.

Born in the Puget Sound region of Washington, he is most comfortable in the fog, rain, and snow of the Pacific Northwest but he challenges himself to adapt to the dry heat of the desert Southwest. While visiting Utah on a ski trip in his mid-twenties, he immediately fell in love with the winter-Wasatch and has continued to explore all that the Mountain West has to offer, no matter the season, and has since made Utah his second home.

With an eye toward becoming an adventure guide, Daniel has spent the last two decades traveling through all 50 states, the National Parks, State Parks, and public lands systems of America, both on solo adventures as well as with friends and family. He is a professional running coach, ski instructor, and photographer, and is an enthusiastic leader, empathetic educator, and a total glutton for funishment! When he isn’t traveling, Daniel spends most of his time in the kitchen, attempting to replicate the flavors he finds along the way to share the people he loves.