This private tour through the famous "Grand Circle" of spectacular scenery of the Colorado Plateau in Utah and the surrounding states can begin in Las Vegas, NV or Salt Lake City, UT. With our luxury tour company, you will be able to see and do more when compared to that of a standard bus or a group tour, in less amount of time, in comfort and only with those you have invited to join you on the journey. Although the schedule below indicates 8 days, please remember, this can be a customized trip just for you and your requested attractions. We can delete or add to as necessary to meet your timeline.

Your guide will be with you each step of the way and of course act as your porter, concierge and park guide. This Eight Day tour is one that the whole family will enjoy and is the perfect balance between times in the vehicle and being outside in the beautifully wild and rugged states of Utah & Arizona.

A Quick Overview:

Detailed Itinerary:
Day 1:
Private Guided Tour of Zion National Park - The Sanctuary

"All this is the music of waters." – John Wesley Powell, 1895

Expect to be met by a Utah Luxury Tour guide with a smile and an enticing passion for this unique scenery we like to call our backyard. Your guide will meet you at a hotel of your choice in Salt Lake City, UT or Las Vegas, NV. Should you choose to begin your adventure in Las Vegas, your guide will drive you north on I-15 through Virgin River Canyon in the Arizona Strip before entering the beautiful high desert of Southwestern Utah. Should your starting point be Salt Lake City, your guide will drive south along the Wasatch Range and over the mountain passes of I-15 before entering Southwestern Utah.

From the very beginning of its origin, people sought this place, this sanctuary, this worldly heaven found in the desert's dry reaches. The very name Zion, meaning "promised land," evokes its significance. After arriving to the town of Springdale, you will embark on a truly great adventure. You will have the opportunity to follow the paths where ancient people and pioneers walked, gazing up at massive sandstone cliffs.

In the year 2000, a free public shuttle system was introduced to help reduce car congestion. This is the only way (during high season) to enter inside the park. As you begin working your way through Zion Canyon, your ULT guide will assess the hike(s) best suited to the conditions and your preferences.

Zion Hiking Options

Riverside Walk: This trail is wheelchair-accessible and follows the Virgin River (2.2 miles round-trip, 60ft elevation change).

Lower Emerald Pool Trail: A paved trail leading to the Lower Emerald Pool and waterfalls. (1.2 miles round-trip, 70ft elevation change)

Weeping Rock: A short, but steep paved trail ending at a rock alcove with seeping springs and hanging gardens. (0.4 miles round-trip, 100ft elevation change) Kayenta Trail to Lower Emerald Pools: Unpaved climb to the Emerald Pools (1.6 miles roundtrip, 150ft elevation change)

Canyon Overlook Trail: Our guides' favorite! This rocky and uneven trail ends with dramatic views of Pine Creek Canyon and lower Zion Canyon below. (1 mile roundtrip, 160ft elevation change)

Angel's Landing Trail: We will climb up 21 switchbacks called Walter's Wiggles on our way to Scout Lookout, then continue up through the last section, which follows a narrow ridge with 1500 foot drop-offs and safety chains to assist your climb. Your efforts will be rewarded with panoramic views of Zion Canyon and the Great White Throne. (5.4 miles round-trip, 1500ft elevation change)

The Narrows: Zion's signature hike is hiking in the Virgin River itself inside the beautiful canyon walls. This hike is recommended for those with hiking experience and good balance, as you will hike through the running water along a slippery rock bottom. We will provide you with a walking stick and water-friendly shoes to negotiate the challenging surface. Your ULT guide will discuss further details with you regarding weather conditions and preparations for this hike. (2-4 miles round-trip, in running water)

During the day we will stop for a delicious lunch at the Zion Lodge designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood. Underwood was a very successful American architect in the early 20th century. He is responsible for the design of more than 15 lodges, union stations, hotels, post offices, and department stores that are scattered all across the USA. After lunch, we will suggest a brief stop at the Zion Human History Museum, where you will become much more acquainted with the story behind charming Zion. Should you choose another alternative, let us know and we will gladly make it happen.

Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Zion's Sanctuary in Springdale, UT and bordering Zion National Park along the Virgin River is the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens. Cliffrose is a unique riverside boutique resort with clean, comfortable, and relaxing rooms & suites. It is a great place to call home while visiting Zion National Park.


Exploring Lake Powell and Navajo-led Antelope Slot Canyon Tour

After we enjoy breakfast, we have a short 2-hour drive to our next destination, Lake Powell. Along the way we will drive through the marvel of what is 1920's engineering; the 1.1-mile long Zion Tunnel. During the drive, your ULT guide will tell you all about the history of the tunnel and the brave souls who were responsible for building it. When we arrive to the town of Page, Arizona we have arranged for a tour led by a native Navajo guide into Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon famous for its photographic opportunities.

Following your tour in Antelope, we will have lunch in Page before departing for the afternoon boat tour on Lake Powell.

This 2.5-hour boat tour offers some of the most breathtaking views on the lake as it passes Glen Canyon Dam and Antelope Canyon, which is over 10 miles long. You can admire the towering Navajo Sandstone geologic formations; their stunning red and burnt orange colors might quite possibly leave you speechless. The sheer walls of the Navajo Canyon tower over 600 feet above the water. It truly is a sight to see.

For groups of 5 guests or more, we arrange for a private boat and crew for you to enjoy an exclusive experience on Lake Powell. This option is also available to smaller groups for an additional fee. Please inquire before departing on your tour.

To finish the day, we highly recommend a short 25-minute walk to Horseshoe Bend – famous for its stunning beauty and for the opportunity to take an iconic photograph of its vistas.

Amangiri Resort:

In the late afternoon hours, we will return to the town of Page and stay there for the night where we suggest The Amangiri Resort. Amangiri, meaning "peaceful mountain", is a 600-acre resort offering beautiful and exquisite accommodations that provide a luxury stay of a lifetime. It offers amazing suites embodied with natural features of its surrounding land. The sweeping views of dunes, sunsets, and mesas towards Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument can be seen from the comfort of a cozy bed or warm jacuzzi. This resort not only offers aesthetic pleasure, but also first class dining and a variety of outdoor activities, along with spa and wellness services.


Private Guided Tour of the Grand Canyon – North Rim

"In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. I want to ask you to keep this great wonder of nature as it now is. I hope you will not have a building of any kind, not a summer cottage, a hotel or anything else, to mar the wonderful grandeur, the sublimity, the great loneliness and beauty of the canyon. Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it." Theodore Roosevelt

A 2.5-hour drive from Springdale/ Zion area brings us to the spectacle of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way we will drive through the marvel of what is 1920's engineering; the 1.1-mile long Zion Tunnel. During the drive, your ULT guide will tell you all about the history of the tunnel and the brave souls who were responsible for building it. Passing Jacob Lake, we will ascend the Kaibab Plateau.

The Grand Canyon – one of Earth's most powerful, inspiring landscapes – overwhelms our senses. Its story tells of geologic processes played out over an unimaginable time span. Its unique combination of size, color, and dazzling erosion continues along a stretch of 277 miles and is up to 18 miles wide. Geologically the canyon is significant because of the sequence of ancient rocks that are preserved yet exposed along its walls. These layers of rock – from 258-million-year-old limestone capping the rim to 1.8-billionyear- old Vishnu Schist a mile below – record much of the early history of the North American continent. The carving of the canyon is only the most recent chapter, a geologic blink of an eye, in a very long story.

Please take time to pause on the rim and enjoy this work of ages, the art of our Earth.

Extreme changes in elevation, exposure and climate, support a remarkable range of plant and animal communities unusually close together – from the desert next to the Colorado River up to Montane Forests at the North Rim. ULT guides have knowledge regarding the natural history of the entire region, and will explain the aspects of Riparian Areas, Deserts, Pinyon-Juniper, Ponderosa Pine and Montane Forest.

Out of 5 million visitors per year, the North Rim side of the Grand Canyon sees only 10% of those visitors. The more remote North Rim sits 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim, giving us a chance to experience not only fewer crowds, but also an appreciation for the solitary beauty of the canyon that has been home to Native Americans for thousands of years. In addition, many of the most beautiful buttes, also known as temples, sit closer to the North Rim than the South. You will discover the human history of the Ancestral Puebloan people, and learn about enigmatic split-twig figurines and hand-made clay pots. The canyon is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World.

Our guide will show you the historic Grand Canyon Lodge built in 1929. From there, a short paved trail leads to Bright Angel Point. Your ULT guide will point out marine fossils as well as a 600-year-old Juniper tree.

After you have taken in the views, we will treat you to a lunch at the Lodge. The Grand Canyon Lodge has a menu consisting of regional specialties.

Our next stop on the tour will be Point Imperial. This point is the highest overlook of the Grand Canyon, sitting at 8,803 feet, providing commanding views of Marble Canyon, and the Painted Desert, as well as the Navajo nation lands.

Depending on the time available and your interest, the Cape Royal Road leads to Roosevelt Point and Cape Royal, which is the southernmost point of the North Rim. Two available short hikes in this area include Walhalla Glade and the Cliff Springs Trail along Cape Royal Road. After one-half mile on the Cliff Springs trail, you will find an ancient Native American granary as well as a seep. For more strenuous hiking options, ask your guide about the North Kaibab Trail to Coconino Overlook or Supai Tunnel.

In the evening, you will return to your preferred accommodations in Page.

Day 3 Alternate: Private Guided Tour of the Grand Canyon – South Rim

(During the winter and early spring months, the North Rim is not accessible due to snow and our tours visit the South Rim side of the Park.)

Our first stop is the Mather Point, which is both famous and crowded, but provides views that extend 10 miles across the canyon. A short stroll along the Rim Trail (0.7 miles) to Yavapai Point will offer an opportunity to enjoy a difference perspective.

We will visit the Historic District, where we can find the original 1909 log-built train depot as well as the iconic El Tovar Hotel from 1905. We can wave at the backpackers making their way down the Bright Angel Trail, a 10-mile strenuous hike down to the Colorado River.

If time allows, we will board the Hermits Rest Shuttle and follow the Rim Road. At the second pullout, Maricopa Point, we will point out the ruins of an old Uranium mine. From there we can walk 0.3 miles to Hopi Point. This promontory provides unobstructed views and is one of the best spots to watch the sunset on the South Rim.

After leaving the Grand Canyon Visitor's Center region, we will drive east along the Desert View Drive, which extends 25 miles to the Watchtower and the East Entrance. Along the way you will see the Grandview Point, and from our next stop, Moran Point, we can glimpse the Hance Rapids that are one of the steepest and most hazardous along the Colorado River. From Lipan Point further east, we can see all the way to the Vermillion Cliffs as well as the Painted Desert. Desert View is a quarter-mile walk from the parking lot, with the option to climb the 85 steps to the top of the 70-foot Watchtower.

This structure is modeled after ancient ancestral Puebloan watchtowers found in the Four Corners region. From the top of the tower – the South Rim's highest point – we will point out Navajo Mountain, as well as the Colorado River flowing 5,000 feet below.

For those interested, a spectacular way to appreciate the vastness and depth of the canyon is to take a short 45-minute helicopter scenic flight above the Canyon rim.

Please inquire about this optional excursion before you depart on your tour to allow us to book seats in advance for your group.

In the evening, you will return to your preferred accommodations in Page.


Navajo Guided Tour of Monument Valley; Hummer Ride Sunset Experience, Transfer to Moab, Utah
~ Where the Earth meets the Sky ~

After breakfast, we will leave behind the serenity of Sorrel River Ranch and head towards Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. After 3 hours of a gorgeous scenic drive through Southern Utah and the Moki Dugway, we will reach more sacred lands of this outstanding Nation. Monument Valley sits at approximately 5,564 ft. above sea level. John Wayne called this hidden valley "Gods Treasure."

The heights of these formations range from 100 feet to 1,500 feet tall. The landscape overwhelms, not just by its size, but also by its beauty. Miles of mesas, buttes, shrubs, trees and windblown sand surround the fragile pinnacles of rock and stand as picture perfect images against the magnificent colors of the valley.

We will welcome aboard a local Navajo guide that will share knowledge of the land as well as the culture and customs of their nation. We will see the native dwellings, called Hogans, as well as the iconic Mittens.

For those interested in Navajo history and culture, we recommend an extended version of this tour, reaching the private Navajo section of the park. These sacred sites include the Totem Pole, Sun's Eye, Yei Bi Chei and the Navajo Village, which are only accessible with a native guide. After either versions of this tour, you will get to enjoy southwestern flavors of traditional Navajo dishes at one of two restaurants, The View or the Goulding's Lodge.

Once we have finished our meal, your ULT guide will escort you to the Sorrel River Ranch near Moab, UT, where you can relax for the rest of day 4. Along the drive, you will enjoy the views of the southwestern desert landscape. Surrounded by the Colorado River, lush landscape and red rock formations, Sorrel's luxurious amenities and charming suites immerse you in a larger than life desert atmosphere.

A great way to spend your evening in this unique area is to experience a Hummer sunset tour on Moab's world famous Slickrock. The Slickrock trail is home of many petrified sand dunes and ancient, eroded sea beds.


Private Guided Tour of Dead Horse Point & Canyonlands National Park

"At first look it all seems like a geologic chaos, but there is method at work here… each groove in the rock leads to a natural channel of some kind, every channel to a ditch and gulch and ravine, each larger waterway to a canyon bottom or broad wash leading in turn to the Colorado River and the sea." Edward Abbey

After breakfast, your guide will take you to see the breathtaking view of a hidden gem called Dead Horse Point State Park. With its 2,000 ft. cliffs and Grand Canyon-like scene, you might think you are back at the North Rim. At this state park, your ULT guide will teach you all about its history and the origin of the park's name, as well as how the wildlife and vegetation survive in this harsh yet mesmerizing environment.

From Dead Horse Point, it will take us about 20 minutes to get to the entrance of Canyonlands' Island In The Sky District. Rivers divide the park into four districts: Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze and the rivers themselves.

Canyonlands remains largely untrammeled – roads are mostly unpaved, trails primitive, and the Colorado and Green Rivers are free-flowing. Bighorn sheep, coyotes, and other native animals roam its 527 square miles. Your ULT guide will walk with you to the famous Mesa Arch or Grand View Point Overlook, where you can enjoy a picnic lunch.

On the way out of the park, you will have an opportunity to view The Shafer Trail. Time and weather permitting, your guide may drive you through a short section of the trail to give you an appreciation for the scale of the canyon walls, on a road which no bus or large tour would venture onto.

The Shafer Trail offers an excellent opportunity to observe the succession of rocks exposed in the Canyonlands region of Utah. Originally used as a cattle trail, uranium miners later expanded the Shafer Trail to transport ore extracted from the Chinle Formation.

For the afternoon, we will head into the desert for an exciting outdoor activity of your choice. If you have any interest in white water rafting, paddleboarding, mountain biking, canyoneering, 4x4 RZR driving, or a scenic flight over the desert scenery in a helicopter, then you will want to let us know! However, as we have mentioned before, should you choose not to do any of these activities, we don't have to. For the rest of the day you are welcome to simply enjoy a glass of wine as you take in views of the Colorado River from just outside your room at Sorrel River Ranch. We will be happy to make your dinner reservations at Sorrel River's restaurant or at one of the fine dining options in downtown Moab for the evening.


Private Guided Tour of Arches National Park

"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins and betraying the principle of civilization itself." ― Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

The famous Arches National Park is home to the iconic Delicate Arch as well as over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, hundreds of soaring pinnacles, and giant balanced rocks. Water and ice, extreme temperatures, underground salt movements, and one hundred million years of erosion are the reasons why Arches National Park is the way it is. Your ULT guide will share his/her knowledge with you about the rock formations that are unique to this specific park and which hikes would be the most appropriate for your interests and mobility level.

Hiking and Viewing Options

Delicate Arch: You may have seen the Delicate Arch before, perhaps in movies, on Utah license plates, or on our company logo. It is an isolated remnant of a bygone fin, standing on the brink of a canyon, with the La Sal Mountains as a backdrop. Along the hike, your guide will show you a petroglyph panel that has been left behind by the Ute people that used to live off of this very land centuries ago. (3 miles round-trip, elevation gain of 500ft)

Double Arch & The Windows: Another walk that our guide will suggest is to the Double Arch. Double Arch has made a few appearances in Hollywood including the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, starring Harrison Ford. It is an easy, flat 10-minute walk on a wide, well-maintained trail to Double Arch. (0.5 miles, no elevation gain for Double Arch; 1 mile round-trip, some elevation gain for North & South Windows)

Landscape Arch: A 20-minute walk will take you to Landscape Arch in the area known as Devil's Garden. This is the longest arch measuring 306 feet across. (1.6 miles round-trip, moderately easy with some elevation gain)

Park Avenue: A short walk next to towering walls on the canyon bottom past the Three Gossips. Great as a one-way stroll with your guide picking you up at the Courthouse Towers Viewpoint (1 mile one-way, downhill walk)

Balanced Rock & Lower Viewpoint of Delicate Arch: Both of these areas are wheelchair accessible destinations or for those worried about limited mobility.

Balanced Rock has a great shaded picnic area to have your lunch among the arches.

The afternoon offers you the opportunity for more outdoor adventures available in the area. If you would like to white water raft, kayak, mountain bike, drive a 4x4, or ride in a helicopter, please let us know!

For the evening, we will be happy to make your dinner reservations at Sorrel River's restaurant or at one of the fine dining options in downtown Moab.


Private Guided Tour of Goblin Valley SP, Capitol Reef NP, All American Road Scenic Highway 12 and Sunset Viewing at Bryce Canyon

With just a few days left in your adventure, we will head north to Goblin Valley State Park after a leisurely breakfast. The drive to this park will take us on Hwy 24, through the eastern edge of the San Rafael Swell. The goblins were formed from deposits of a vast inland sea 170 million years ago and sculpted by uplift and erosion. In 1949, a cowboy named Arthur Chaffin called this area "Mushroom Valley," because of the strange structure of these rocks.

Following a short walk in Goblin Valley, you will continue the drive along Hwy 24, south towards Hanksville.

Private Guided Tour of Capitol Reef National Park

Distinctly different in appearance and geological history, Capitol Reef's Waterpocket Fold stretches across south-central Utah. It is a vast warping of rock created 65 million years ago by the same great forces that formed the Colorado Plateau. Capitol Reef National Park preserves the Fold and its eroded jumble of colorful cliffs, massive domes, soaring spires, stark monoliths, twisting canyons, and graceful arches.

What makes the Waterpocket Fold country fascinating is it has provided a home to many plants, animals, and humans. For thousands of years, the early Indigenous People lived here freely among juniper, columbine, cacti, lizards, jackrabbits, and deer. Along the Fremont River your guide will point out ancient petroglyphs and pictographs left by some of the early inhabitants hundreds of years ago. In the 19th century this area became home to the Mormon Pioneers.

Weather permitting, your ULT guide will take you on a 16- mile scenic drive passing the historic Fruita District, through the narrow roads of the Waterpocket Fold.

On our way to Bryce Canyon, tonight's destination, we will stop for a delicious lunch in the town of Torrey. As we head south on National Scenic Byway 12, we will pass Dixie National Forest, Boulder Mountain, and the Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument. As we drive along the east side of Boulder Mountain, the highway climbs to more than 9,000 feet of elevation and affords breathtaking views of the landscape below. It will be during this section of your tour that your ULT guide will tell you all about the history of Utah and how the Mormon Pioneers cultivated this lovely countryside into one of the finest destinations in the world. For those interested in this topic, your guide will highly recommend a stop at the Hole-in-the-Rock Heritage Center.

As we arrive to Bryce Canyon in the late afternoon, you will have the opportunity to rest or catch a quick glimpse of the park's amphitheaters before sunset.

If available, we recommend you stay in Bryce Canyon Lodge, which was built from local timber and stone in the 1920's. Being the only lodging within the national park, it truly offers a one-of-a- kind experience. The lodge was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood who gave it a similar rustic style to some of his other lodges such as Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton, Lake Yellowstone Hotel, and Ahwanee Hotel at Yosemite.

This classic historic lodge offers a full-service restaurant, and a gift shop showcasing Native American jewelry and art. The primary reasons we recommend this property are the stargazing opportunities as well as the short walking distance to Bryce Amphitheater. The lack of light pollution, high elevation and the dry desert air combine to create the darkest skies in the Southwest.


Private Guided Tour of Bryce Canyon National Park – The Hoodoo Country
"It is a hell of a place, to lose a cow." - Ebenezer Bryce, 1875

Though it is your last day, we highly recommend you wake up to see the sunrise on the amphitheaters of Bryce Canyon. Legend has it that the Paiute Tribe (the people that lived in Bryce Canyon when the white settlers came to Southern Utah) shared mythological stories of the Sinawava God's or "tricksters," who would turn the "Legend People" into stone. These stone formations that you will see are known as, Hoodoos. Aside from the obvious geological past that Bryce Canyon has, it also offers timeless tales and myths. Archeologists found ancestral Puebloan and Fremont cultural artifacts in Bryce though both groups have a history of residing in the Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Park areas.

Bryce Canyon, famous for its worldly unique geology, consists of a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters. The erosional force of frost-wedging and the dissolving power of rainwater have shaped the colorful limestone rock into bizarre shapes including slot canyons, windows, fins and spires called "hoodoos".

Along the plateau rim geology catches your eye. Nearby forests and meadows stand in contrast to the intricately eroded rocks. As we are touring the park's 18-mile-long road, our ULT guide will explain the ancient sedimentation, uplift, and erosion process of Bryce Canyon. The park is situated on the Paunsaugunt Plateau at an elevation of 8,000 feet.

Sunrise Points, Sunset Points, Inspiration Points, and Bryce Points encircle Bryce Amphitheater, the biggest natural amphitheater in the park. Your ULT guide can recommend several hiking options in different parts of the park.

Queens Garden: This hike begins at Sunrise Point and descends 320 feet below the rim. It is the least difficult trail to reach the amphitheater floor and the Queen Victoria area. (1.8 miles out and back)

Navajo Trail: This moderate trail begins at Sunset Point, is 1.3 miles round-trip and descends 550 feet to the floor of the amphitheater, passing iconic Thor's Hammer and Two Bridges.

Queens Garden to Navajo Loop: We recommend combining the two above-mentioned trails into a single hike. We believe this will be the most beautiful 3 miles you will ever hike!

Bristlecone Loop Trail: At the southern end of the park at an elevation of 9,100 feet, this easy trail meanders through the forest of Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir and White Fir, passing bristlecone pines that are up to 1,800 years old. (1mile round-trip, 200 feet elevation change)

Mossy Cave: The Mossy Cave is a grotto created by an underground spring. This uncrowded trail is 0.9 miles round-trip, and ascends 300 feet to the Cave.

Rim Trail – Sunset Point to Sunrise Point: Follow the Rim Trail for an easy, wheelchair friendly walk of 1mile on a flat well-maintained path.

We will enjoy a nice lunch in the park before heading back to Salt Lake City, Utah or Las Vegas, Nevada prior to your departure.

Dear Utah Luxury Tours,

It's been a few weeks and we're getting back to our normal routine. Just want to thank you again for the amazing trip (covering 5 states and 5 National Parks) you custom tailored for us. The parks were great, the scenery spectacular, and the amount of territory we covered was unreal. But the true essence of the trip was our guide's enthusiastic involvement, pleasantness, patience, and flexibility, from his accommodation of our dietary requirements to his detailed knowledge of all the areas we travelled. This made the journey not only extremely enjoyable, but informative and educational as well. Please feel free to use us as a reference for your unique touring company.

Best regards from Howard, Mimi, Maurice and Susan.
Sheila and Simeon
Woodmere, N.Y.

By now we hope that you are excited to experience the spectacular scenery of bottomless canyons, wild rivers, buttes, mesas, hoodoos and arches! The combination of rustic and rugged Wild West along with the luxury of your private tour guide, fine dining and excellent accommodations will create exceptional memories and stories to treasure. You will hear ancient myths and tales unique to the Indigenous people of the Southwest. This tour will allow you to reconnect with family and friends as you explore the best destinations that Utah has to offer.


Optional Activities:

*Not included:

Our destination specialists will help you choose your preferred type of accomodations in the area of our destinations – For this tour, we recommend a combination of 3 to 5 star lodging properties which include:

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the region, or details of our tours. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can with your trip planning.

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