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Our guides serve as your personal driver, porter, concierge, travel planner, and guide. Our team of experts will help you customize your itinerary every step of the way – simply let them know your preferences (destinations, pace of travel, length of trip, style, budget, choice of vehicle), and they'll manage the details.

The majority of our Guides have been with us for years, they have conducted tens if not hundreds of tours, and they are well-versed and knowledgeable in all the topics associated with our tours - such as geology, human history, natural history, flora and fauna, detailed knowledge of hikes and walks in specific parks, National Park Service related issues, etc. Utah Luxury Tours conducts annual mandatory Guides' classroom training and field trips, where we expand our knowledge and expertise.

Meet our Tour Guides:

Mike Sellers, Senior Guide
Mike was born in 1955 in what he likes to identify as the National Park Service (Mount Rainier, Glacier Park, and Yellowstone Park). When he was a young boy his father, Robert E. Sellers, was heavily involved in the Park Ranger Service and was a pioneer in the "Let It Burn" policies in Yellowstone National Park. It was around 1968 that the men of the era recognized that fire was essential for the health of the ecosystem. Mike grew up around this environment and naturally developed a love and respect for the great outdoors. Mike began working with Utah Luxury Tours in 2011 when it was originally called Moab Luxury Coach. More

Tom Mitchell, Senior Guide
Tom was born in Southern California. When he was a little boy he was always spending time in the outdoors and quickly began learning about the history of the land, plants, and animals. His expertise runs through a variety of subjects and his desire to share knowledge is second nature. Tom's free-spirited demeanor shows in his appearance and his approach towards life. He and his wife travelled around the United States for 2 years in an open-ended itinerary with eating as their only stipulation before settling in Pagosa Springs, CO. More

Kevin Rasband, Senior Guide
Kevin was born in Utah, is a local boy of many generations, and a descendent of Mormon Pioneers. Upon finishing High School, he promptly enlisted in the US Army, became a member of the Special Forces, earning the "Green Beret" early on in his career. The "Green Beret" is an elite symbol of excellence within the Army and upon meeting Kevin you will find this achievement to be of no surprise.

During a distinguished 26 year military career, Kevin was privileged to serve in the 10th, 19th, and 1st Special Forces Groups and he is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He loved parachuting and other adrenalin activities, the adventure of working outdoors around the globe as a military advisor, and especially the comradeship of serving alongside the finest soldiers in America. More

Matt Shepherd, Senior Guide
Matt is a Utah native who was born in Salt Lake City. He has worked with Utah Luxury Tours since 2013. Although every destination "has so much going for it," Moab is his favorite to show first time clients. He loves seeing the emotion arise on their faces and compares it to a child opening a gift on Christmas day. He began his outdoor adventures as a young scout where he acquired many survival techniques, such as tying knots, starting a fire, and spearing a fish with a stick. If needed, he could easily survive in the wilderness by killing a bear, skinning it, grilling it, and wearing its fur to stay warm. Being a Utah native, Matt's pride runs deep, as does his knowledge. More

Tom Allen, Senior Guide
Tom was born and raised in San Francisco in 1951. He was heavily involved with sports growing up and excelled in all of them. His sophomore year of high school he went and lived with his aunt and uncle on their ranch in Montana. You could say he began living the life of a real cowboy helping with livestock, learning farming techniques, and experiencing the ways of the Western Frontier. Montana's Glacier National Park and its vast open spaces played a huge part in his development as a Utah Luxury Tour Destination Specialist. As a young teen, he was familiarizing himself with nature and wildlife. For the past 20 years, he has been hiking and biking in Arches, Canyonlands, and Yellowstone National Parks, to pick just a few. More

Steve Bodo, Guide
Steve is one of Utah Luxury Tours latest recruits as Tour Guide, joining us in the fall of 2016 and has been a valuable addition to our growing achievements.

As a PSIA Level III ski instructor at Deer Valley Ski Resort in the winter season, Steve has spent endless hours making sure his guest are safe, comfortable and most importantly having fun. Maybe even learning something along the way.

Steve lives in Park City, has a daughter whom he enjoys surfing, kite boarding, hiking, biking and fly fishing with as much as possible. He is also working toward retiring from his indoor career as an award winning art director. We're happy to have Steve onboard.

Jason Willard, Guide
Jason has lived most of his life in Utah growing up in a family that loved to travel camp and explore the National Parks and wilderness in Utah and around the country. At a young age he developed a fascination for the deserts of Utah and outdoor activities, he would often wander away from home to walk the streams and fish the Provo River. Through experiences in high school, work opportunities in wilderness programs and 24 years of military service exploring Utah's rugged landscape, Jason has had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the beauties of the Southwestern United States. More

Richard Taylor, Guide
Richard was born in Iowa and moved to Washinton State with his family at age 16. Here he married, raised his family and stablished several successful ventures doing business in Hawaii and the Northwest.

He has traveled extensively and loves the outdoors. He enjoys winter snow skiing and teaching at Deer Valley, Utah, fly fishing, hiking, canyoneering and guiding tours to our Nations greatest wonders, our National Parks.

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