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Jason has lived most of his life in Utah growing up in a family that loved to travel camp and explore the National Parks and wilderness in Utah and around the country. At a young age he developed a fascination for the deserts of Utah and outdoor activities, he would often wander away from home to walk the streams and fish the Provo River. Through experiences in high school, work opportunities in wilderness programs and 24 years of military service exploring Utah’s rugged landscape, Jason has had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the beauties of the Southwestern United States.

In 1997 Jason began work for a company in Utah that lead troubled youth on two-month outdoors wilderness survival/education programs. During this time he became a group leader, backpacking with the students through the deserts and mountains of Southern Utah, mainly on the eastern border of Capital Reef National Park. This was a phenomenal and rewarding experience for him to help the students grow and learn about themselves and how to endure hardships and deprivation, how to work as a team and improve their interpersonal relationships.

Later, Jason was offered and accepted a full-time position with the military working in a unique program. During this time he got to explore more regions of Utah on foot by trucks, ATV’s, airplanes and helicopters. As a concurrent assignment Jason was a part of the 19th Special Forces Group where he developed into the leader of an Intelligence Company. He served in Afghanistan twice and trained throughout the United States and in several other countries such as Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico and Japan. Working with and becoming friends with foreign troops was always a favorite part of deployments. Jason retired from the military after serving over 24 years.

Jason has a passion for photography and woodworking. He enjoys photographing the South West and loves black and white photography. If you ask him questions about photography or your camera he just may have an answer! If not he’ll go out of his way to figure it out! Jason enjoys kayaking and paddle boarding and can often be found paddling one or the other around Utah. As an avid fisherman, Jason travels around the United States and South America on fishing trips, always seeking out the next adventure, he also enjoys SCUBA diving and spear fishing.

Jason is fortunate to have a wife that appreciates the South West and they enjoy spending their free time hiking and exploring Utah’s National Parks and wilderness, between them they have five talented and free spirited children and one grandson.