Kevin Rasband - Tour Guide - Utah Luxury Tours

Kevin was born in Utah, is a local boy of many generations, and a descendent of Mormon Pioneers. Upon finishing High School, he promptly enlisted in the US Army, became a member of the Special Forces, earning the “Green Beret” early on in his career. The “Green Beret” is an elite symbol of excellence within the Army and upon meeting Kevin you will find this achievement to be of no surprise.

During a distinguished 26-year military career, Kevin was privileged to serve in the 10th, 19th, and 1st Special Forces Groups and he is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He loved parachuting and other adrenaline activities, the adventure of working outdoors around the globe as a military advisor, and especially the comradeship of serving alongside the finest soldiers in America.

Kevin Joined Utah Luxury Tours early in 2015. Once again, he wanted to be part of the best. He consciously made the decision to work for ULT and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love this company. I love this job. I am at a point in my life where I can work for anyone and I choose to work here.” Once he was hired with ULT and became a guide he was able to ignite a passion in himself he felt previously while working in the Special Forces. “I learned so much in just my first year alone. My fellow guides here are sharp!” Kevin holds his fellow colleagues and their mission in very high regard. Bringing people to his home state and showing them its wonders is only part of the honor. “We have to be able to accommodate people and give them the best experience, knowing how to make them comfortable whether it is hiking or dining. I know how to do what it takes to allow them to delight in the miracles present here.” Not only will Kevin make sure your needs are met, he will educate you in every topic along your tour. His knowledge and experience will exceed your expectations. When asked which park was his favorite he said, “They’re all beautiful! It’s as if each park was done by a different artist. I cannot live without any of them.” It is the same, as with his own children, he loves them all equally. He loves these parks and can’t wait to share the joy they offer with you!

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