As a lifelong resident of Utah, Lance Fairbanks has toured extensively throughout this Great State. “Utah having three primary environments: Alpine Mountains, Great Basin Deserts and Red Rock Deserts, will never disappoint regardless of your direction of travel, North, East, West or South.” While living in the Salt Lake Metropolitan area, behind a backdrop of the 11,000-foot peaks of the Wasatch Mountains, Lance enjoys both his professional business pursuits as well as recreational adventures. “Life needs balance and when you’re not working at something, you should be exploring someplace memorable.”

Passionate about Skiing, Sailing and Hiking, Lance has been a Professional Alpine Ski Instructor with Snowbird Ski Resort, a Sailboat Captain having Sea Service with the United States Coast Guard and an Interpretive Park Ranger for Timpanogos Cave National Monument, National Park Service. When attending to matters of business, he is the Principal for an Independent Real Estate Brokerage of 25 years, consulting with his Clients regarding, Finance, Markets and Estates. “Whether I’m instructing or consulting, the aim is to engage my audience, such that education is fun and exciting.” Given the artistic side of things, Lance comes from a strong heritage of notable artists, knowledgeable and skilled in the traditional Fine Arts, including painting, sculpting, ceramics and more. On the road however, photography is perhaps the best option to capture a moment in time, like a cascading waterfall or an intensifying sunset.

“Since the time when my Great-Grandfather first visited Zion Canyon on Horseback in the late 1800’s, it has been a family tradition to visit the many destinations of Southern Utah.” Lance has enjoyed taking his four children, now grown and rather independent, to some of their favorite State and National Parks. Every visit is different, discovering something new and interesting along the way and for each destination, much of the excitement is in the journey itself. Of the many topics to learn about, Lance is familiar with Geology, Flora, Fauna and Cultural History. “I love to send my friends and family photos from the vantage of a spectacular vista… this is my office (or classroom), life is good!” To note, Lance may also be entertaining at times, as the desert climate has caused him to develop a dry sense of humor, Dad Jokes optional. In any event, he brings both education and experience to the table in a best effort to help everyone be informed and feel inspired. As they say, “Utah is Life Elevated.”