Mike likes to identify as a National Park Service child. When he was a young boy his father, Robert E. Sellers, was heavily involved in the Park Ranger Service (Mount Rainier, Glacier Park, and Yellowstone Park) and was a pioneer in the “Let It Burn” policies in Yellowstone National Park. It was around 1968 that the men of the era recognized that fire was essential for the health of the ecosystem. Mike grew up around this environment and naturally developed a love and respect for the great outdoors. Mike began working with Utah Luxury Tours in 2011 when it was originally called Moab Luxury Coach.

His roots with CEO Brian Murphy and Director Lukas Sigmund date back to the days where they all worked together at Deer Valley Ski Resort. Before Mike became a guide at ULT, he started as a ski instructor, turned into a ski school manager, and eventually became one of the prestigious trainers at Deer Valley. His demeanor comes off as respectful and modest while his past shows courage and execution. On a couple of occasions Mike has had to survive in the wilderness by staying mentally tough and physically aware. His spontaneity brings success and appreciation into the ULT team. He has absolutely no problem with following a set itinerary but thrives when he sees an opportunity in rerouting. One of his favorite experiences when working as a guide has been taking people off the beaten path and showing them views for their first time. “When I bring people to areas, I never know what reaction I am going to get. It’s always fun to see. I love seeing people gasping for air because they can’t believe how beautiful it is. That’s where my skill set is. My favorite places to go are their favorite places to go and I just love bringing out the best in people. “Mike approaches life with intuitiveness and with great appreciation. It shows in his interaction with people and with the Great Outdoors. He currently resides in Midway, Utah with the Wasatch Mountain Range as a panoramic view.