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Christina Story, Tour planner
Christina was born and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She spent much of her childhood being active with her younger siblings, and throughout high school they all played on nationally competitive club soccer teams. Christina elected not to pursue soccer on a varsity collegiate level and attended UNC-Chapel Hill. There, she explored many passions and received her degree in Exercise Science, focusing much of her free time in her final two years on the Breast cancer research study run by one of her professors. More

Rebecca Glathar, Tour Planner
Rebecca Glathar loves being detail-oriented, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. Working as a Tour Planner, therefore, allows Rebecca the chance to do what she loves. Throw in a childhood in a migrating military family, a love of the outdoors and a passion for travel and you'll find that Rebecca is just as enthusiastic about creating your tour as you will be in participating in it!

Amy Neeley, Accommodations Coordinator
Amy was born and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She grew up in a family of tennis players, which allowed her to play competitive tennis for the majority of her childhood.  She grew up going traveling with her family and her love of travel continued to grow. More

Kate Anderson, Marketing
Kate Anderson brings a spirit of dedication and hard work to Utah Luxury Tours, helping with marketing and administrative tasks.  As a Marketing student at Brigham Young University she values education and learning, and is always striving to grow personally and to help others succeed as well. Kate speaks fluent Spanish, is a proven leader at work and school, and also volunteers her time and skills in various church and community roles.  When she is not in the office or at school she can be found enjoying life on the ski slopes, in the mountains, or spending time with family and friends.

Garrett Rasband, Office Assistant:
Garrett has lived most of his life with Utah's magnificent mountain's as his backyard. Growing up he has always been adventurous and anxious to try new things. As a boy, he did so hiking and camping as often as he could. Arrowheads, beautiful red rock formations, and the occasional rattlesnake were just part of childhood in Utah and he loved it. His curiosity expanded to include music and art. You could always find him either playing a short groove with his friends, painting, or as per usual in the mountains. Serendipitously, opportunities came to him to travel abroad and experience other cultures and broaden his horizons, traveling to China and Japan, even spending two years in Kosovo and Albania. To him, experiencing new culture is paradise, whether it be overseas or close to home and for the moment, Garrett has returned to Utah to study global communication in university. He is very content being back close to the beautiful landscape with which he grew up and loves the opportunities he gets to explore it working with Utah Luxury Tours.

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