Tom was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He was heavily involved with sports growing up and excelled in all of them. His sophomore year of high school he went and lived with his aunt and uncle on their ranch in Montana. You could say he began living the life of a real cowboy helping with livestock, learning farming techniques, and experiencing the ways of the Western Frontier. Montana’s Glacier National Park and its vast open spaces played a huge part in his development as a Utah Luxury Tour Destination Specialist. As a young teen, he was familiarizing himself with nature and wildlife. For the past 20 years, he has been hiking and biking in Arches, Canyonlands, and Yellowstone National Parks, to pick just a few. Throughout his many years of experience with the great outdoors, he has acquired a perspective and a technique in teaching that fuels his love for this profession. Tom graduated from San Jose University with a degree in Biology. Before working with ULT he served in the airline industry and traveled the world. One of his favorite destinations has been South Africa. He lived there for three months and read 30 books about the country’s culture, history, geology, animals, and plant life.

Just like his fellow colleagues, his desire to learn is never ending. Working with ULT gives him the opportunity to carry on living his interests professionally while also sharing those experiences with others. A feeling he hopes his guests have while visiting is an overwhelming one, “one that gives you the wow factor.” Having been to the national parks many times throughout his life, Tom still appreciates the beauty and finds something calming in it every time. “Its like playing golf,” he says, “You can play the same golf course every time, but it is different.” He takes pride in the fact that he has always been able to find a way to entertain and teach his clients about the wonder he lives in. Tom enjoys skiing and has been instructing the sport for the past 31 years. He loves hiking, biking, astronomy and photography. He currently lives in North Salt Lake with his wife and is a proud father of 6 children.